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Red Advance Antifreeze

5 Years extended live VW G12++/TL774G

   CarPlan Red Advance is the latest in ethylene glycol based antifreeze/coolant, incorporating advanced silicated Organic Acid Technonlogy (OAT). It is recommended for Volkswagen Group vehicles 2005 onwards, amongst other, and offers winter protection down to -37C for 5 years.


* Not suitable for Classic Cars

Conforms to BS6580 (1992) & Volkswagen Group G12++/TL774G

PackageSizePart codeBarcode
W G12++/TL774G1ltrRAA0015010373047804
W G12++/TL774G2ltrRAA0025010373047828
W G12++/TL774G5ltrRAA0055010373047842
W G12++/TL774G25ltrRAA0255010373047842
W G12++/TL774G199ltrRAA1995010373047859