TcutT-Cut is the world's most respected Car Care brand. Continually asked for by name, T-Cut delivers top quality, with a wide range of performance products for renovation and restoration of car paintworks. From the T-Cut Original formula to the new innovative T-Cut 365 Kits. T-Cut is available in many variants depending on the kind of paintwork, color, condition, age and the extent of damages.
T-Cut Color Fast Ceramic

Variomorphic Ceramic Technology Colour Restorer

   Revolutionary coloured paintwork renovator with Variomorphic ceramic Technology that removes light scratches, oxidation, ingrained dirt, bugs and surface imperfections.


   The coloured pigments and the SiO2 molecules enriches colour, cleans, restores and polishes in one easy application, leaving a protective shine that lasts and lasts.

   New Variomorphic Ceramic Technology provides superior protection and a longer lasting shine.



1. Wash car with shampoo and dry thoroughly.

2. Shake bottle and pour onto the damp microfibre cloth.

3. Apply sparingly and evenly to one panel at a time, spending more time on scratches and blemishes.

4. Allow the panel to dry to a haze and use the dry microfibre cloth to buff.

5. Repeat application on the next panel.

6. Lock in the shine with t-Cut Final Glaze for up to 12 months protection.


Note: When removing surface scratches*, swirlmarks and blemishes, apply to the specific area using circular motion until the scratch is removed. Do not use if the lacquer coat is damaged, cracked or crazed, Do not use on matt or special effect paintwork. Store in an upright position and secure when transported.


* A surface scratch is determined by feeling no obstruction when passing a fingernail over the mark. If an obstruction is noticed, it will be deeper then a surface scratch and this product can only help in improving the appearance of the scratch.mustang2024ENG

ColourSizePart codeBarcode
White 500mlCFC0025010373007754
Black 500mlCFC0015010373007761
Light Red 500mlCFC0065010373007778
Dark Red 500mlCFC0075010373007785
Dark Blue 500mlCFC0045010373007808
Green 500mlCFC0085010373007815
Silver 500mlCFC0055010373009505
Mid-Blue 500mlCFC0095010373009529
Purple 500mlCFC0125010373009550
Yellow 500mlCFC0105010373029459
Orange 500mlCFC0115010373064047
Grey 500mlCFC0035010373007822