TcutT-Cut is the world's most respected Car Care brand. Continually asked for by name, T-Cut delivers top quality, with a wide range of performance products for renovation and restoration of car paintworks. From the T-Cut Original formula to the new innovative T-Cut 365 Kits. T-Cut is available in many variants depending on the kind of paintwork, color, condition, age and the extent of damages.
T-Cut Ceramic Wax

Deep gloss hydrophobic SiO2 wax

   Hybrid blend of SiO2 and wax which provides tough ceramic protection to paintwork. The hybrid formula creates hydrophobic water beading that forms a shield to protect your paintwork from dirt and grime whilst enhancing the depth of gloss. Easy to use, just spray on and wipe off to leave paintwork with a drag free silky finish, allowing for easier future cleaning.


   Suitable for use on paintwork, wheels, rubber and plastic trim.

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