TcutT-Cut is the world's most respected Car Care brand. Continually asked for by name, T-Cut delivers top quality, with a wide range of performance products for renovation and restoration of car paintworks. From the T-Cut Original formula to the new innovative T-Cut 365 Kits. T-Cut is available in many variants depending on the kind of paintwork, color, condition, age and the extent of damages.
T-Cut Color Fast Scratch Remover

Removes scratches & blemishes, enhances colour

  Patented formula designed to remove scratches, scuffs and blemishes and add colour all in one easy application. The formula is enhanced by the latest nanotechnology, making it easier to remove light scratches and mask deeper scratches. The coloured pigments blend with all shades of paintwork, cleaning and removing oxidation to create a flawless colour-matched finish.

ColourSizePart codeBarcode
Black 150gCFB1505010373039816
Red 150gCFR1505010373039809
Silver 150gCFS1505010373039847
Blue 150gCFU1505010373039830
White 150gCFW1505010373039793



Color Fast

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