Triplewax_ENGThe famous Triplewax range has recently seen a complete update and range extention. This range offers everything you could possibly need to care for your car. Incorporating a wide range of high quality and innovotive shampoos, waxes, interior and exterior cleaning products, a complete Pressure Washer range and Accessories.
Triplewax Shake & Shine

Instantly clean paintwork, metal, glass & rubber trim

   Forget the buckets of water, hard polishing or expense of several cleaning products. Just Shake & Shine and Go! It's easy to use. No Pre-Wash required...Just shake the bottle to mix the wash and the blend of the 3 waxes together, then clean and wax in one simple step to remove dirt and add shine without scratching!

How it works:

Shake & Shine encapsulates dirt and lifts it safely away from the surface to prevent scratching, so it can easily be removed with a microfibre cloth.

Is this product right for me? Yes if:

- You want a wash & shine in minutes

- You have no time for filling buckets of water or using several different cleaning products

- You are looking for an instant showroom shine

- You have a limited water supply

- You want to wash and wax on the go – Anytime, Anywhere!

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